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This is the first time I have been directly involved in the creative process of making a film, though for several years I have headed the documentary production studio Vem Media Arts.

This experience for me brought together my longstanding interest in theology, philosophy, and history, with my practical work geared to improving and enlightening human life.

I became a priest after a long journey in the exact science and the humanities, and an exploration of various religious teachings. I graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology as a theoretical physicist and engineer in1990, and I moved to Armenia with my family. Upon completion of a special course at the theological Academy of the Armenian Apostolic Church, I was ordained a priest in 1991.

My professional work started while I was still studying at the Academy. In 1991 I founded the Gandzasar Theological Center, which I still lead today as its director and editor-in-chief. This is a major research and publishing center in Armenia specializing in spiritual, cultural, historic, ethnographic, and educational issues. Over the years I have undertaken many studies and translations in the field of the Armenian spiritual heritage. I have accumulated rich experience by editing many articles, critical texts, and translations. 

In 2002, I launched the Vem Radio Station, and I serve as its director and editor-in-chief. This is one of the vital voices of Armenia and of the worldwide Armenian Diaspora. Vem Radio broadcasts classical music, and presents a large number of spiritual, cultural, and educational shows.
In 2004, I founded the Vem Media Arts Studio as the film production arm of our radio station. To date, the studio has produced several broadcast series and twelve documentaries, mostly dedicated to environmental issues.

In collaboration with a group of friends, in 2006 we established the Ayb Educational Foundation which is a key player in the field of education in Armenia today. Ayb explores innovative learning technologies and promotes their introduction into the school system. I supervise all these activities personally.
Despite my various managerial duties, my creative life is quite prolifiic, and I still manage to author many books, articles, radio and TV shows, educational projects and programs.

If I were to characterize myself, I would call myself a “translator” - I work to bring to light and communicate spiritual, cultural and educational materials which are not yet widely known. The duty of the translator is to help people discover what they have been looking for, to express what is hidden, to see what their eyes fail to see, to hear what gets lost in the noise.

I believe that, in this sense, every film is a work of translation. A blend of spiritual vision, rational thinking, and a thirst for perfection - as well as experience in writing and presenting diverse materials - allow me to translate certain realities to people. The translation is perfect when it goes beyond the translator’s personality and does not sound like a translation at all. With this documentary film, I’ve tried to translate an ancient civilization for the world of today, and translate the past into the present.

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